Star Trek Online Celebrates Third Anniversary with Q Appearance

Gamers can also earn Ambassador and Kamarag class ships

The development team at Cryptic Studios announces that Q, the much loved troublemaker from The Next Generation, will make an appearance in Star Trek Online in order to help players celebrate the third anniversary of the MMO.

Between 10 AM Pacific Standard Time on January 31 and 10 AM PST on February 14, gamers will be able to head to the Earth Spacedock or on Qo’nos in order to meet Q and talk to him so that they can access special quests for the three-year celebration events.

Both Federation and Klingon players will also have the option to talk with Engineer characters in the Spacedok in order to launch a special mission that has ships like the Ambassador Class and the Kamarag Class as rewards.

More information on the three-year anniversary of Star Trek Online can be found on the official site of the MMO.

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