Square Enix Posts Final Fantasy Teaser Page

The fifth and sixth game in the series might get modern remakes

Video game publisher Square Enix is teasing a new announcement linked to the Final Fantasy franchise that will take place this week and will be linked to the fifth and the sixth core games in the series.

The teaser page that is part of the official Square Enix site offers fans just a number of faint outlines and a reference to January 17.

Fans are saying that the shapes on the page seem to point to the Behemoth seen in Final Fantasy VI and characters that are featured in Final Fantasy V.

It’s not clear whether the company is preparing to re-launch the games on new platforms, which might include mobile devices or even the new Wii U from Nintendo.

Square Enix might also be ready to offer more information on new web-based titles that use some characters from each game in the Final Fantasy series.

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