Sports Games Generate Meaningful Experiences, Says MIT Survey

Gamers who like them also love shooters and action titles

A new survey from the researcher Abe Stein at the Game Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that sports simulation video games have the ability to create meaningful experiences among those who play them.

The survey, as reported by Kotaku, has reached 1,718 adult players, most of them white and male, and they reported that they were also interested in other experiences that offered the same emotions.

Most of them preferred playing shooters and action games and 82 percent of them reported they were not interested in playing social games.

But a majority of 56% also talked about meaningful experiences they had while playing sports sims, some of them very personal and emotional.

Stein states that, “None of the 882 stories were identical and therefore the subjective, biographical and contextual framing of these experiences were important to capture.”

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