Splinter Cell Movie Now Has a Production Company

The upcoming spy film is going to be co-produced by New Regency and Ubisoft

Progress is being made on the Splinter Cell movie adaptation, as Ubisoft and its Motion Pictures division have confirmed that they've signed on New Regency to co-produce the film that will still star Tom Hardy as Sam Fisher.

After the lackluster Prince of Persia movie, Ubisoft decided to take things into its own hands with other adaptations and it's already started working on the Assassin's Creed film, which will star famous actor Michael Fassbender.

Now, the development of the Splinter Cell movie is also going ahead with full steam, as after confirming that The Dark Knight Rises actor Tom Hardy will play protagonist Sam Fisher, Ubisoft has now revealed, via Variety, that it's signed on New Regency to co-produce it.

As of right now, the script of the movie is still being written by Eric Warren Singer and you can expect to hear more details and casting announcements once he's done and the script's been approved by Ubisoft itself.

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