Splash Damage Teases New Game Announcement for Thursday

The team has experience with complex multiplayer shooters

Video game developer Splash Damage has put up a teaser image on its official website, which reads 11.29 and 11:29, which means that the company will reveal its new title on Thursday close to noon, probably using the Pacific Standard Time schedule.

Splash Damage’s last project was Brink, a multiplayer-focused shooter that was published by Bethesda and received average reviews, mainly because the game failed to drive the genre forward in any way.

Since then, the company has not offered information on any other project or what company it might be working on.

The teaser image bears the car_teaser name, which might be an indication that Splash Damage is working on a car-based combat game.

The company has also done work on the Enemy Territory franchise and specializes in competitive multiplayer mechanics.

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