Special Version of Hawken Coming to Nvidia's Project Shield

The game's developer created a live demo in just a few weeks

Nvidia revealed Project Shield yesterday during the first day of CES 2013 and the company also demoed a special version of the upcoming mech-based shooter Hawken, which is specifically designed for the Tegra 4 chipset powering the new handheld console.

Project Shield is Nvidia's big bet on Android gaming, as not only can it play a variety of great titles made for the OS, but it can also support PC games, provided they're being streamed via WiFi from a computer that runs a GeForce graphics card.

Now, Nvidia has confirmed to Kotaku that the first big exclusive of Project Shield is a special version of Hawken, the upcoming online shooter that allows players to control mechanized walkers.

According to the company, the developers at Adhesive Games got their hands on early versions of Project Shield before the winter holidays and in a few weeks they were able to produce a working prototype that was shown off at the CES 2013 presentation of the device.

No word yet on what this version of Hawken features as opposed to the PC edition, but more details will be shared about it and Project Shield soon enough.

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