Space Hulk Brings Terminators and Genestealers to PC

Gamers will get two-player cooperative multiplayer and a single-player campaign

Developer Full Control and publisher Games Workshop announce that they are working on a PC-based version of the Sin of Damnation campaign of the Space Hulk board game, which was first introduced in 1989.

Gamers will be able to control Space Marine Terminators as they fight Tyranid Genestealers in the confined space of a huge abandoned spaceship.

The game will be turn-based and will have full 3D animations, while keeping the core elements of Space Hulk.

The game will also deliver competitive multiplayer and a level editor.

Thomas Hentschel Lund, the chief executive officer of Full Control, states, “Since playing the board game decades ago I have always wanted to recreate this slice of Warhammer 40,000 as a computer game. Now we can finally bring the board game to life in glorious 3D full of scary Genestealers and mighty Terminators fighting for human kind.”

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