Space Citizen Passes 8 Million Dollars (5.97 Million Euro) in Funding

The team wants to deliver an initial version of the sim during 2013

Developer Cloud Imperium reveals that it has managed to get more than 8 million dollars (5.97 million dollars) in funding for its upcoming Star Citizen, significantly more than it managed to gather via the Kickstarter campaign that took place during 2012.

At the moment, there are more than 142,000 backers for the space-simulation game.

More than 6 million dollars have been obtained via the official website of the game.

Chris Roberts, the leader of the team working on Space Citizen, states, “Our backers are totally connecting with the development team and it just gets them so excited to come in to the office every day and work to make the next great space sim.”

Star Citizen will allow players to create a unique character and then take on any role they want in a complex galaxy, with deep space sim mechanics and a multiplayer component.

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