South Park: The Stick of Truth Gets First Actual Gameplay Video

Check out a brand new trailer with the hilarious role-playing game

THQ and Obsidian Entertainment have revealed the first full gameplay trailer from their upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth role-playing game over the weekend during the 2012 Video Game Awards.

There haven't been a lot of great South Park games even if the beloved animated series has quite a lot of interesting aspects that can translate well into interactive entertainment.

THQ and Obsidian, however, want to change this with a sprawling role-playing game called South Park: The Stick of Truth.

In order to show off the game and actual footage of its gameplay, the two companies revealed a special trailer during the 2012 VGAs over the weekend.

In it, you can see bits of the story as well as quite a lot of hectic combat, as players can wield all sorts of powers and call forth different outrageous allies from the show.

As of yet, South Park: The Stick of Truth hasn't received an actual release date.

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