Source Filmmaker Updated to Version, Gets YouTube Fix

The software can be used to create movies using Source assets

Valve announces that it has updated its Source Filmmaker software to version, which introduces two major changes to the program and fixes a number of smaller problems.

The major changes included are a fix which eliminates all problems linked with long descriptions for videos when uploading to YouTube and to Saxxy and a new message that will be displayed when a user is trying to upload a video without actually being connected to Steam.

The update for Source Filmmaker will be downloaded and applied automatically as part of the general update process for the Steam client.

The Source Filmmaker is designed to allow any gamer to create movies using all the assets included in titles which use the Valve made Source engine.

The software includes all the game assets from Team Fortress 2 and some of the items that Valve used internally to create the Meet the Team short films based on the game.

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