Source Filmmaker Updated, Gets 4K Rendering Support

Gamers can use it to create and promote their own game videos

The development team at Valve says that it has updated Source Filmmaker to version, which is set to be automatically downloaded when the user starts the Steam digital distribution service.

The big changes for version are:

- re-added plugins for Maya 2011;

- now forcing secondary windows on top of the main window;

- added (SLOW!) 4k rendering support if -sfm_resolution 2160 is on the commandline

The development team has also introduced a number of smaller bug fixes that were not spelled out.

Source Filmmaker is designed to give all players a simple and quick way of creating their own media using their favorite Valve titles.

The program is part of a wider initiative from the company to expand the options offered via Steam and create wider communities around the games that it publishes.

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