Source 2 Engine Confirmed by Valve’s Gabe Newell

A new video shows the Valve boss confirming to people that a new engine is coming

Valve is working on a brand new game engine, presumably Source 2, as the studio’s boss, Gabe Newell, told those who joined him on his birthday that the company is currently waiting for the right game to ship it out with.

Valve head Gabe Newell turned 50 at the beginning of the month and, as we reported last week, members of 4chan’s infamous /v/ sub-forum paid him a visit with a giant birthday card and a special gag-gift that made fun of the studio’s hat-based microtransactions in Team Fortress 2.

Now, it seems that a video filmed by one of the attendants has appeared online and you can pretty much hear Newell confirm that the studio is working on a new game engine, presumably the previously rumored Source 2.

The Valve boss confirms this at around the 6:14 mark in the video above and states that the company is waiting for the right game to ship the new engine with.

Although Newell didn’t talk about Valve’s long-awaited Half-Life 3 or at least Half-Life 2: Episode 3, it stands to reason that the company might showcase Source 2 with one of these games.

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