Soul Sacrifice Enemies Get Detailed by Keiji Inafune

Ghost Mode will be available for those who die in the game

Video game developer Keiji Inafune, best known for his work on Resident Evil and Mega Man, offers more details on the enemies that players will have to face in his new title, Soul Sacrifice.

It seems that most of them are the magically enhanced remains of humans who tried to use spells in order to increase their own power but only managed to turn themselves into monstrous creatures.

Inafune tells the story of the enemies via a parable that’s available on the official PlayStation Blog, starring two princes and one crocodile.

The developer is also offering details on a new Ghost Mode, which allows those players who have fallen in battle to still play an active role.

They will become invisible to all forces on the battlefield and will get full access to information on all the characters, while being able to provide bonuses to their allies and weaken enemy forces.

Soul Sacrifice will be offered on the PlayStation Vita handheld on March 7.

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