Sony's PlayStation 4 Teaser Campaign Continues with PS2-Focused Video

Sony recaps the performance of the bestselling home console of all time

Sony has just released yet another video in its ongoing Evolution of PlayStation series, this time focusing on the PlayStation 2, which teases the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Sony is expected to reveal its PlayStation 4 later this week and the company's teaser website has already seen the release of a special video series that recounts the evolution of the PlayStation brand.

A PlayStation 1 video already appeared over the weekend and now Sony has just posted a special PlayStation 2-focused trailer that recaps the very successful launch of the home console and its evolution since then, including redesigns and accessories like the PS Eye or the network adapter.

Sony also notes the huge popularity of the device, which went on to become the bestselling home console of all time.

You can expect other videos to appear until February 20, when the PS4 will be revealed to the world at a special Sony conference in New York City.

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