Sony's Latest PlayStation Vita Ad Is a Cheap but Funny Gag

The handheld has been struggling to gain its footing ever since launch day

Sony's summer PlayStation Vita promotion campaign includes a commercial video with what can only be described as the kind of cheap gag you would only expect to find in old TV series like Married with Children.

In the spot, some school kids are changing their clothes in a locker room, getting ready for the summer swimming lessons, and after one kid drops his towel, another nearby one's jaw drops, eyes bulging out, and he says something that can be loosely translated as "an adult!"

After that, more kids gather around the towel-dropper, who is playing with something outside the frame, below waist level, with the announcer saying "for those who aren't grade schoolers anymore," and with the first, bug-eyed kid, remarking that "it's totally different from mine," with a confounded look on his face.

While it's not certain whether Sony intends to air this on television, it's definitely bound to spark at least some controversy online. The company has a history of making pretty interesting commercials, and this is just another funny and memorable one that'll stick with you no matter if you like it or not.

The PlayStation Vita is still struggling to remain relevant, and with Sony's recent announcement that it would cut first-party support for the device, the future of the handheld is uncertain at this point.

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