Sony and Microsoft Need to Adopt Free-to-Play, Says EVE Online Developer

The company would like the EVE Online concept to be expanded to more games

David Reid, the chief marketing officer working at EVE Online developer CCP, believes that both Sony and Microsoft need to offer non-traditional business model, like free-to-play, on their coming next-generation home consoles.

He tells MCV that, “It’s hard to imagine the free-to-play transition slowing down any time soon – the model works so well for gamers. As we steer towards the next generation of consoles, I’d expect to see a much larger array of triple-A titles available in the free-to-play model.”

The free-to-play concept is already very successful on the PC and on mobile gaming devices and the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4 will have to adopt it in order to remain competitive.

At the moment, CCP is working on Dust 514, an MMO that is set to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and will interact with the PC-based EVE Online.

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