Sony Will Delay PlayStation 4 Price Reveal, Says Analyst

The company will assess the state of the industry before an announcement

The existence of the PlayStation 4 home console is now official, but Sony is unwilling to announce an official price point for the device that should be launched before Christmas.

Jesse Divnich, an analyst at EEDAR, believes that the company will only reveal the actual price of the new console close to the date when it will be available in stores.

The analyst tells VG247 that, “For competitive reasons, I am not surprised that pricing was not discussed.”

He adds, “I think Sony learned a valuable lesson with the launch of the PlayStation 3 and I wouldn’t expect the same mistakes to be made next generation. We wouldn’t expect pricing announcements until closer to launch.”

Experts are expecting to see a price that’s equivalent to that of the PlayStation 3 on launch and a rumor said that the PS4 would be offered when released for the equivalent of 465 dollars (330 Euro).

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