Sony Understands Retail’s Importance to the PlayStation 4

The company knows that players want physical disks

Despite the constant move towards a digital future and the integration of Gaikai technology into an updated PlayStation Network, Sony is still aware of how important retail is to the success of the PlayStation 4.

The announcement comes to Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide, who believes that many players are still relying on brick and mortar stores to get content and information.

The executive tells GamesIndustry that, “We believe retail will still play a key role to get games in front of people.”

He adds that GameStop is important because it allows players to find out information about new video games and to get additional content for their favorite titles.

Yoshida also acknowledges that, “digital is the fastest growing business for us and for industry as well.”

The PlayStation 4 will use technology from Gaikai in order to deliver instant streaming services for all its titles.

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