Sony Teases Big God of War Super Bowl Announcement

The company might be ready to talk about new game modes

Video game publisher Sony is launching a new teaser called Game Day 2013, which suggests that the company is getting ready for a big reveal set to take place on Friday, February 1.

The name of the mysterious video, which only shows one woman moving in slow motion, is linked to the 2013 Super Bowl, which is set to take place on February 3.

The overall look of the trailer suggests that God of War will be involved in some way, although it’s unclear whether Sony will offer more details on the long-rumored movie project or whether a major reveal for Ascension is being prepared.

The new game is a prequel that deals with Kratos and his life before he waged war against the Gods.

The title will introduce a multiplayer mode for the first time in the series when it launches in March.

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