Sony Reveals PlayStation 4, the Most Powerful Gaming Console

Players will get more options than ever when it comes to their gaming experience

At an event in New York, Andrew House, the chief executive officer and president at Sony Computer Entertainment, has officially confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

On stage, the executive revealed that the new device was designed to appeal to the needs of an increasing number of players.

He described it as “the most personalized gaming experience” and emphasized that the device was created in order to appeal to the needs of modern gamers, including more options for social interaction and improved hardware for the most interesting future franchises.

House stated, “We painted a picture of the future that would revolutionize not just the console but would change our entire line-up of devices.”

The event will continue for a couple of hours and Sony plans to deliver more information on the PlayStation 4 and the games that players will be able to enjoy on it.

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