Sony Recaps the PlayStation 3's Performance Ahead of PlayStation 4 Announcement

Sony is getting ready to reveal the PS4 by taking a look at its predecessors

As part of its ongoing Evolution of PlayStation series, Sony has just posted a brand new video that recaps the performance of its current PlayStation 3, ahead of the announcement of the PlayStation 4 later this week.

Sony is getting ready to present to the world the PlayStation 4 on February 20 at a special conference that will be held in New York City.

Besides posting a mysterious trailer that teases the "Future of PlayStation," Sony has also released special commemorative videos that focused on the PlayStation 1, the PlayStation 2 and, through this latest trailer, the PlayStation 3.

In the video above, you can take a walk down memory lane and admire footage from the announcement of the PS3, its release, and the variety of games that appeared on it, not to mention accessories like the PS Move.

The PS4 is expected to be revealed on February 20 and should arrive on the market later this year.

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