Sony Ready to Support Walking Dead-like Experiences on PlayStation 4

Episodic gaming is well suited to the capabilities of the console

Shuhei Yoshida, the leader of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide, believes that the coming PlayStation 4 will support non-traditional gaming ideas like the recent episodic Walking Dead series from Telltale Games.

The executive tells Polygon that, “Episodic has been talked about for a long time and most people are skeptical until play The Walking Dead. Now we are big fans of episodic gaming. We’re believers now.”

Yoshida added, “Hats off to Telltale guys, they proved it works.”

The Walking Dead has achieved critical success and has sold very well because the developers have managed to create a link between the episodes and the emotion necessary to drive gamers to complete the entire story arc.

At the moment, Telltale is working to create the second season, which will launch during 2013.

The PlayStation 4 is also set to appear this year, before the Christmas shopping period.

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