Sony Promises Quick Fix for Ni No Kuni Digital Download Issues UPDATED

Players are currently unable to get the game on their home consoles

Sony is letting players know that it is aware of the problems that some gamers have been having with the download process for the digital edition of Ni No Kuni and is currently working to eliminate them.

Most gamers are complaining that the size of the Japanese role-playing game makes it hard to download it all in one session and some of the downloaded files have problems once they arrive on a player’s console.

The official European PlayStation Twitter account says, “We're aware of issues with the Ni No Kuni digital download and are working to fix it right now. We'll update soon.”

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is also offered in a retail package and it seems that many of those affected by the problems with the digital version are considering picking up one at the moment.

UPDATE: Sony has uploaded a new version of the game on the PlayStation Store and all those who have problems should download it.

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