Sony: PlayStation Now Will Support DualShock 4 Only on PS4

The company wants the game to be instantly familiar

The newly announced PlayStation Now service from Sony will only support the use of the new DualShock 4 on the PlayStation 4 console and will only permit the use of older controllers for those who want to game on non-console devices.

John Koller, the executive promoting the service, is quoted by The Verge as explaining that, “It's a lot of how these games were developed. We want to continue the experiences as they were meant to be played on the controller.”

Initially, PlayStation Now will only be offered on the PS4 and the Vita in the United States in the summer.

After that, Sony will evaluate how it is used and it aims to also bring it to Smart TV sets, mobile devices and tablets.

PlayStation Now does not yet have an attached fee and Sony says that it is still evaluating whether it can offer it for free to those who subscribe to PS Plus.

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