Sony: PlayStation 4 Is Attractive for Indies Due to Ease of Development

The company also allows studios to self-publish their games

Sony says that the coming PlayStation 4 home console will attract indie video games because the company has eliminated most of the barriers that can stop smaller teams from creating and publishing their titles.

Nick Suttner, an account support manager at Sony Computer Entertainment of America, tells VideoGamer that, “We've discovered the big secret behind indies wanting to work with you is this: don't be jerks.”

The statement can be seen as a direct dig at Microsoft, which has famously flip-flopped on the decision to allow indies to self-publish on its coming Xbox One.

Suttner adds that the PSN has allowed for self-published content for about five years, but the company failed to explain its approach in a coherent way.

The PlayStation 4 will be the first platform on which The Witness, the next title from Braid creator Jonathan Blow, will be launched.

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