Sony Might Not Show PlayStation 4 Design at E3 2013

The company still has plenty of information to offer

Sony does not yet know whether it will show off the design of the recently announced PlayStation 4 during the E3 2013 trade show or whether it plans to wait for a moment that’s closer to the launch of the device.

Fergal Gara, the managing director at the United Kingdom division of the PlayStation brand, tells VG247 that, “What exactly gets revealed and when I don’t know, other than that there is plenty more to tell and we’ll be telling the full story between now and launch as there are still a few things not pinned down.”

The executive says that Sony is interested in offering details about its own console, but also wants to keep some elements a secret until late during the year.

The PlayStation 4 is set to launch before the Christmas shopping season and will face competition from Microsoft’s Xbox 720.

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