Sony Making Efforts to Launch PlayStation 4 in Europe in 2013 – Report

Sony doesn't want to lose Europe to Microsoft's Xbox 720 this year

Sony is reportedly doing whatever it takes to release the PlayStation 4 across Europe in 2013, as the company has made the continent a priority territory that shouldn't be lost to Microsoft's next Xbox console.

Sony presented the PlayStation 4 in February and confirmed a holiday 2013 release. The company then emphasized that the release date is good for at least one territory, either North America, Europe, or Japan.

Now, CVG reports that Sony is doing whatever it takes in order to release the PlayStation 4 before the end of the year in Europe.

According to the website, the company wants to counter Microsoft's attempts to take over Europe, a territory that's been quite loyal to the PlayStation brand over the years.

Sony is even going so far as to prioritize both Europe and North America over its native Japan, where Microsoft never managed to make its products popular.

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