Sony Links Warrior’s Lair Development with San Diego Studio

Company plans to create a simple to play hack and slash

Video game publisher Sony has confirmed on its official forum that the company is still planning to publish the PlayStation exclusive Warrior’s Lair, despite a number of reports that were suggesting that it had been canceled after the developer failed to deliver a working prototype.

A representative from Sony has posted on the official European PlayStation forum that, “Warrior’s Lair is still in development; it isn’t cancelled.”

Idol Minds, the initial developer of Warrior’s Link has been Idol Minds, but the team is no longer involved in the game, with Sony San Diego now handling all development duties.

Warrior’s Lair has been revealed by Sony during E3 2011 and is looking like a Diablo-style light role-playing game, with a lot of action elements, which introduces a set of social features that allows players to influence each other’s games.

Warrior’s Lair will be launched on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita and will offer cross platform play.

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