Sony: High Pre-Orders for PS4 Is a Good Problem to Have

The console might not be avalable to all players on launch

Fergal Gara, the leader of the PlayStation division in the United Kingdom, says that his company does have some issues with the pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4, which are higher than expected.

The executive tells The Official PlayStation Magazine that “The problem with pre-orders, which is a good problem to have, is that they’re very, very high. Higher than we’ve ever seen in 20 years in this business.”

Sony has already warned gamers who place a pre-order after August 5 that their PlayStation 4 might be delivered a few days after the official launch date.

The device is expected to arrive in North America on November 15 and in Europe on November 29.

Microsoft has not yet revealed an official delivery date for the Xbox One, and it has recently announced that its next-gen device would be delayed on a number of European markets.

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