Sony Expects Smaller PS3 and Vita Sales Before March 31

The company has no plans to cut prices for the handheld

The financial report from the video game division of publisher and hardware maker Sony states that the company will sell less than expected PlayStation 3 home consoles and Vita handhelds before the end of March 31.

The tough conditions on the market are cited as the reason for the long-term sales decrease that the PlayStation brand is witnessing.

The biggest problem for Sony is the limited number of Vita devices it is currently selling and it seems that the company does not see a rebound in the coming months.

The game division sales have also dropped significantly, 15 percent when compared to 2012.

Sony has already announced a New York event for February 20 and the fact that Vita is not expected to rebound lends credibility to rumors that the PlayStation 4 is ready for a reveal.

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