Sony Emphasizes the Great PlayStation-Exclusive Games Ahead of PS4 Reveal

From blockbuster titles, like Gran Turismo, to indie games, plenty of games are covered

After showing off all the different PlayStation consoles over the last few days, from the PlayStation 1, to the PS2, PS3, PSP or PS Vita, Sony has now revealed a new video that focuses on the great PlayStation-exclusive games.

Sony is getting ready to reveal the PlayStation 4 later today, at a special conference in New York City and, in order to get the hype going, it's released a variety of special videos that take a look at the great performances of PlayStation consoles.

Now, the company has unveiled another impressive video, this time focusing on the different PlayStation-exclusive games out there, from mainstream success stories like Gran Turismo, to independent efforts like Journey, plenty of great games are shown in the footage above.

Considering this new video, you can expect Sony to reveal quite a few games alongside the PlayStation 4 later today, February 20, at 6pm EST.

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