Sony Details Hitting Mechanics for MLB 13: The Show

The team aims to make the entire experience more approachable

The development team at the Sony San Diego Studios is giving more information about how it will improve the hitting mechanics for MLB 13: The Show, which now give new players more chances to succeed and also offer depth for longtime fans.

The official information from Sony reads: “We really want to make hitting more streamlined for players. Beginner mode allows people who have never played The Show — or have struggled with it — to learn the fundamentals of hitting. It’s meant to teach you the basics of Plate Discipline, Pitch Recognition and Timing.”

Ramone Russell, the community manager at Sony, says that the entire hitting mechanics will be more streamlined with more focus on timing, plate discipline and recognition.

MLB 13: The Show will be out March 5 on both the PlayStation 3 and the Vita, with features like Cross Save and Cross Play enabled.

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