Sony Confirms PS4 Mid-December Launch in Hong Kong

They will be releasing the console simultaneously with the launch in Korea

PlayStation 4 has been confirmed for release in Hong Kong at the same time with its Korean launch, this suggesting that Taiwan and Singapore will be seeing the console next month as well.

The guys from IGN report that the console will be released in Hong Kong on December 17 and will be available for HK$3380, meaning about $430 / €320. It will also come in a bundle with the PlayStation camera called the PS4 Eye, at HK$3680 / $474 / €355.

Moreover, another bundle will be available, the Killzone: Shadow Fall one, for HK$3780 / $487 / €364.

The news comes right after the announcement of the PS4 being released in Korea on December 17, and since Sony suggested that Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea would get the console in the same timeframe, both territories will most likely have similar launch details.

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