Sony Believes Indie Developers Can Bring Creativity to PlayStation 4

Quantic Dream and Media Molecule are working on new games

During the New York launch event of the PlayStation 4, hardware maker Sony announced that it wanted to deliver a more open console and it seems that one of the big focuses of the coming device will be on indie games and their innovation potential.

Shuhei Yoshida, tells Gamasutra that, “We believe in smaller developers. They are very creative and they go out of the norm to do something really amazing. So we really want to make it easier for them to come to our platform and publish.”

So far, Sony has revealed that The Witness, the new title from Braid developer Jonathan Blow, will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 during its launch window.

The innovation department is covered by Quantic Dream, which plans to introduce more emotion to PS4 games, and by Media Molecule, which will employ the Move controller to allow gamers to express their creativity.

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