Sons of Anarchy Video Game Is Not Happening

The television series creator failed to convince Rockstar or Fox

Kurt Sutter, the creator of the television series Sons of Anarchy, says that he is no longer interested in making a video game based on his intellectual property because no company seems to be interested in the project.

The television project leader has been trying to get both Fox and Rockstar interested in their project, because he believes that an open world title would be best suited for Sons of Anarchy.

On Twitter Sutter says, “I’m done. No interest from industry, little support from Fox. It B dead.”

Sons of Anarchy follows the adventures of a motorcycle gang and the interactions between its members and the outside world.

The human element involved in the television show would have been hard to translate into the video game medium.

It’s not clear whether the planned game would have followed the same characters and used the same core conflicts.

Sutter is getting ready to direct a seventh and final season for the series.

When it was introduced by FX, the television program was one of the highest rated for FX.

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