Soma Is New Game from Amnesia Developer Frictional

The game might be linked to Brave New World from Huxley

Video game developer Frictional Games announces that its next video game project is called Soma and is also presenting a teaser site for the project, which offers some very limited details about the story of the coming experience.

The project seems to be science fiction based and a machine seems to be used to monitor the actions of subjects.

A live action trailer called Vivarium is offered for Soma at the moment.

The cryptic text that accompanies it reads: “Adding to the already explosive Mockingbird-situation, it is clear we need to take greater precaution. Isolate all systems to avoid data corruption and prevent hostile actions.”

It adds, “Keep an eye out for personality deviation. When able, always meet in person.”

The name Soma suggests that the team is using Huxley’s novel Brave New World as inspiration in some way.

Frictional has not said on which platforms the game might be launched or when gamers will be able to play it.

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