Snowstorm Bundle Indie Royale Includes Resonance, Hinterland, More

Gamers can pay whatever they want to get access to them

Indie Royale announces the introduction of a new Snowstorm Bundle, which includes a number of video games that use a science fiction theme, designed to get players through the long winter months.

The new bundle includes Resonance, Hinterland, RoboBlitz, StarDrone, Project Aftermath and RobotRiot.

Indie Royale has created a pretty balanced package, which offers gamers action games, adventure and strategy.

The videogames can be directly downloaded and there’s also the option to use Steam or Desura.

The Snowstorm Bundle also delivers three free soundtracks.

The price is determined by the generosity of those who have already picked up the new offering from Indie Royale, which means that it’s a good idea to move quickly if you want it.

Those who pay at least 8 dollars (6.3 Euro) can also get access to the Planeteri album from Pixeljam.

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