Small Mass Effect 3 Update Out Now on PC, Reduces Loading Times

The new patch hasn't been detailed by BioWare just yet

BioWare has apparently rolled out a small update for Mass Effect 3 on the PC platform, via the Origin digital distribution service, which reduces loading times when starting up the game, accessing its multiplayer, or the online store.

Mass Effect 3 received a variety of updates in the past few weeks, starting with patch #4 as well as with the Retaliation DLC for its multiplayer mode.

Now, a smaller patch, weighing in at just 5.43MB has been rolled out for the PC platform of the game via Origin.

While BioWare has yet to actually confirm the update and specify what it does, users of the BSN have already experienced reduced loading times when starting up the game or when they access the multiplayer mode.

Expect to hear an official statement about the new update later today.

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