Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake DLC Revealed with Trailer, Trophies

Gamers will be able to virtually welcome the Chinese New Year

By on January 31st, 2013 14:56 GMT

Despite no official announced from developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix, it seems that Sleeping Dogs will get a new piece of downloadable content called Year of the Snake, designed specifically to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

More information about the DLC is contained in a teaser trailer and Square is expected to offer more details soon, but the core story is linked to a number of things that seem to use gas in order to disrupt the festivities.

The Trophies associated with the new content are:

Bomb Squad - Complete the first mission
Cult Master - Defeat the cultists
Hong Kong’s Finest - Complete all Secondary Content
Goodie Monster - Find all the Evidence Collectibles

Sleeping Dogs started life as True Crime: Hong Kong, but after the project was canceled by Activision, Square Enix took over and launched one of the surprise hits of 2012.