Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake DLC Revealed with Trailer, Trophies

Gamers will be able to virtually welcome the Chinese New Year

Despite no official announced from developer United Front Games and publisher Square Enix, it seems that Sleeping Dogs will get a new piece of downloadable content called Year of the Snake, designed specifically to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

More information about the DLC is contained in a teaser trailer and Square is expected to offer more details soon, but the core story is linked to a number of things that seem to use gas in order to disrupt the festivities.

The Trophies associated with the new content are:

Bomb Squad - Complete the first mission

Cult Master - Defeat the cultists

Hong Kong’s Finest - Complete all Secondary Content

Goodie Monster - Find all the Evidence Collectibles

Sleeping Dogs started life as True Crime: Hong Kong, but after the project was canceled by Activision, Square Enix took over and launched one of the surprise hits of 2012.

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