Sleeping Dogs Trademark Filed by Square Enix, Points at Kane & Lynch 3

A third game in the shooter series may already be in development

It seems that Square Enix and IO Interactive are getting ready to announce a brand new Kane & Lynch game, as the Japanese publisher has just filed a trademark for the Sleeping Dogs title.

IO Interactive proved it could develop different types of games from the Hitman ones with Kane & Lynch, as well as Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Now, it seems that the studio is working on another follow up to the cooperative-focused shooter series, in the form of Kane & Lynch 3: Sleeping Dogs, at least according to a trademark spotted on NeoGAF.

This is a bit surprising, given the fact that both games didn’t become that successful, delivering mediocre gameplay that starred forgettable characters. Even so, a movie project immediately appeared and is now in pre-production for a 2013 release, with big actors like Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx being scheduled to play the two protagonists.

Given the possible movie, it makes sense that IO Interactive and Square Enix will try to deliver a third Kane & Lynch game at that time, so expect more details in the future.

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