Skype Gets Updated on Xbox One to Allow Snapping

Chat with others while gaming or enjoying entertainment content

Xbox One users who employ the Skype voice chat service on their console can rejoice, as the latest update for the application finally allows them to snap it to the side of the screen while enjoying a game or some other thing on the main portion of the screen.

The Xbox One rolled out last November with a big array of entertainment apps and services, from Netflix and Hulu to helpful items like Skype or Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, some problems were still present with a few of them, chief among which being the inability to snap the Skype application to the side of the screen in order to maintain your current voice chat session.

Now, after many months since the console’s release, Microsoft has finally rolled out, via the Skype blog, a new update for the Skype application on the Xbox One.

The update apparently allows just one thing, which is to snap the app to the side of the screen while allowing users to enjoy another game or entertainment content on the main portion of the screen.

In order to apply the update, Xbox One users must ensure that their console is connected to the Internet and start the actual Skype app. An update prompt should appear, notifying them of the latest patch for the application.

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