Skylanders: Swap Force Will Require New Physical Power Portal

Gamers will be able to obtain it from a bundle, old toys are compatible

Video game publisher Activision says that the upcoming Skylanders: Swap Force video game and real toys line will require players to buy a new, more advanced version of the Portal of Power in order to get their real-world figures into the virtual world.

Eric Hirshberg, the chief executive officer at the company, tells Family Gamer that the older toys will be compatible with the new Portal of Power, which will be bundled with the new Swap Force retail package.

The new version of Skylanders is designed to introduce customization to the game, with the newly launched figurines able to drop some parts and gain others in order to create a total of 256 combinations.

Since it was launched, the Skylanders universe, which includes toys and a virtual world, has become one of the most important brands for Activision.

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