Skylanders Swap Force Can Defeat Disney Infinity, Says Activision CEO

The new Swap Force toys add more customization options

Bobby Kotick, the chief executive officer of Activision Blizzard, believes that the Skylanders franchise has a bright future ahead of it in spite of competition from the upcoming Disney Infinity concept.

The executive tells Gamasutra that, “we have a lot of confidence in the franchise for the longterm. I think we're delivering another great product this year.”

After the launch of Skylander Giants during 2012, the company is currently working on Swap Force, a new series of toys that are made up of two pieces that can be shared and combined in any way players want.

Speaking about Disney Infinity, Kotick adds, “We have a new competitor, and we're very likely to have more. But we've invested a lot against it, we've achieved a lot of good success so far, and we have high expectations for the franchise going forward.”

Skylanders Swap Force will be launched later during 2013.

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