Skylanders Giants Receives New Characters Thumpback and Eye-Brawl

The game continues to deliver more virtual content and new toys

The development team in charge of the Skylanders franchise at publisher Activision announces that two new Giant characters are now added to the franchise, giving players even more toys to collect and new ways to approach their video game adventures.

Thumpback is a water-based Giant who once was a member of the pirate ship called The Phantom Tide and who was mostly interested in fishing.

He went overboard and became a Skylander as he tried to catch the Leviathan Cloud Crab.

Eye-Brawl is an undead character that is the result of the combination between a headless giant and a flying eyeball that fought for a long time before they decided to team up and become one of the most powerful Skylanders.

Soon, the Activision toy and video game mix will have competition from the Disney-made Infinity title.

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