Skrillex Uses Dubstep-Powered Zelda Clone for Promotional Purposes

The game mixes the two core culture influences in innovative ways

Video game developer Jason Oda and dubstep star Skrillex are partnering up to create a music-powered Zelda clone which is designed to promote the artist and his work.

The game is available for free online and can be experienced entirely in a browser.

Skrillex Quest is clearly inspired by classic Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda but adds a layer of dubstep on top of the entire experience so the new title is only recommended to those who love either the game genre or the musical style.

It’s not clear whether Nintendo is aware of Skrillex Quest, because the company is notoriously protective of its own brands and might find a few too many similarities between the new game and its venerable series.

A new Zelda game is rumored to be in development for the new Wii U.

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