Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity Now Available on Steam

More Stardock video games will follow after Impulse sale

Gamers can now purchase and download the space based strategy title Sins of a Solar Empire, created by Ironclad Games and published by Stardock, from Steam and the publisher is saying that this is just the first game from their catalog that arrives on the Valve made digital distribution service.

The game can now be picked up for the seriously reduced price of 11.24 Euro or 15 dollars, complete with the three micro expansions that developers have used to expands in some mechanics of the game.

In a statement Brad Wardell, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Stardock, has stated, “With the sale of our former PC digital download technology to GameStop earlier this year, we no longer have any conflicts of interest in offering our titles to other digital distribution channels.”

It seems that Stardock games will also be launched on other platform.

Impulse has been sold to GameStop, which aims to have a larger presence in the digital distribution space.

At the moment Stardock is still working on developing Elemental: War of Magic and its Windows utility programs.

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