SimCity Will Be Used to Encourage STEM Skill Development

The publisher creates a new foundation to support education

Video game publisher Electronic Arts says that it will make the upcoming SimCity available for educational purposes in order to promote science, technology, engineering and math learning.

The company will work with GlassLab in order to encourage teachers to use SimCity to give their students a quick and easy way to learn about city development and connected issues.

The official announcement says, “GlassLab is a game development studio that is housed at the EA headquarters and supported by EA, the Gates Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, our national trade association the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and several other education-focused organizations.”

The rebooted SimCity uses a new engine and is designed to allow players to work together in order to create complex projects and develop their economies.

The game will be launched on the PC on March 5 in North America.

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