SimCity Receives Poking, Tinkering and Prodding Trailer

Creative director demoes some of the core features

The developers working on the rebooted SimCity at Maxis are offering fans a new video look at the upcoming game experience, which features Ocean Quigley, the creative director, playing the game and showing off some of the more interesting features.

SimCity is designed to be more approachable than before but the game will also include complex simulation elements for long time fans.

The new Glassbox engine also brings a whole new level of simulation, with each citizen having his own needs and aspirations that the player will seek to fulfill via his in-game actions.

Gamers will also have the chance to design curved roads for the first time in the series and cooperate with neighboring cities.

SimCity will be launched exclusively on the PC on March 5 next year in the United States and the customary three days later in Europe.

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