SimCity Makes Sharing Cool with Multi-City Feature

Players will be able to share resources and assets

The Maxis development team working on SimCity is offering a new trailer for their city-building game, which focuses on the new Multi-city features, all of them designed to allow a player or a group to work together in order to develop a region.

Stone Librande, the leading game designer working on SimCity, stars in the new SimCity video and shows players how multiple cities can benefit from just one brigade of firefighters and how resources can be pooled so that more than one player could take advantage of them.

The new SimCity is completely redesigned using the Glassbox engine, which introduces more realistic movement and jobs for the citizens of a city and makes it easier for the player to create his ideal urban sprawl, now with curved roads.

Electronic Arts plans to launch the rebooted SimCity during March 2013, exclusively on the PC.

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