SimCity Inhabitants Are Not Fully Simulated Sims

Players will be able to easily change their mood, goals

Jason Haber, a producer working with Maxis on the new SimCity title, says that players will see more personality in their citizens but they will not have to deal with them as they would with the more complex simulation features in The Sims series.

Speaking to VG247 the developer says, “Sims will respond to what you do, and they are easily swayed in their happiness. If you put a sewerage treatment plant right next to somebody’s house, they’re not going to be happy with you; but you don’t have to care about it.”

SimCity focuses on the high level city management and the citizens are mostly present in order to give gamers a sense of how their policies are working.

The game introduces a new Glassbox simulation engine and will be launched in early March.

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